46 Articles to Help You Understand the Factors that Determine the Cost of Car Insurance

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by OnlineInsurance Staff on August 3, 2010

There are many factors involved when an insurance company decides your rates. With an understanding of the factors you can’t change, such as age, gender, region where you live, and type and condition of vehicle, you’ll have a better understanding of your base rate. Then there are the things that you can control, such as the risk level you are to insurers, dictated by your driving record and your driving skill, and also how often you drive. All of these factors will add up to decide how much your auto insurance rate will be.

  1. How Much Does Car Insurance Cost – The Average Cost A list of the factors involved in the cost of car insurance.
  2. Factors that Affect the Cost of Auto Insurance A blog describing the costs of auto insurance and how to control some of these factors.
  3. Auto insurance online – how it protects you and your vehicle A definition of auto insurance and its various coverages, and why it may be more convenient to but it online.
  4. Car Accident Lawyer’s Tips for Car Insurance Five tips from auto insurance attorneys for finding a good auto insurance policy.
  5. Understanding Insurance – How Does a DUI Affect Your Insurance Rate? A DUI charge will remain on your record for a long time, and may need special filing done in order to insure “high risk’’ drivers.
  6. Insurance Shopping Blog An article about hypothetical insurance claims and how to file them.
  7. The high cost of car insurance fraud Car insurance fraud can be committed by anyone, and everyone pays the price as it has an effect on insurance prices for everyone.
  8. Why not universal car insurance? The writer suggests that there should be a free car insurance program similar to free health insurance programs that are government sponsored.
  9. Car Accidents Claims And Insurance This blog advises people who have been in car accidents to contact an attorney and be advised of their rights.
  10. Car Insurance Deductible – qoutes and cost factors An explanation of car insurance deductibles, options and how to go about finding car insurance through an agent.
  11. Auto Insurance Coverages | Find Car Insurance How to find auto insurance, and what to expect it to cover for you, listing the minimum of coverage a person should have per passenger and damages.
  12. 25 Factors That Determine The Cost of Car Insurance There are a lot of factors involved with how much your car insurance policy will cost. Here is a comprehensive list of them, including the factors that you can and cannot control.
  13. Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Rates A list of major and minor factors that actuaries will use to decide your car insurance rate.
  14. Understanding the Factors that Increase your Auto Insurance Premium Age, gender and marital status are uncontrollable factors, but the rest of them are controllable. Here is what you can do to improve them to earn lower rates.
  15. What Determines Your Car Insurance Rate? A list of the top ten deciding factors in auto insurance rates.
  16. New York Factors that Affect Car Insurance Rates Besides age, gender, driving history and age of car, geography also plays a major role in auto insurance rates.
  17. Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Rate A list of the factors that affect your insurance rates.
  18. Automobile Insurance A definitive explanation of auto insurance including definition, explanation of rates, how they are determined and tips for lowering your insurance rate.
  19. Understanding Automobile Insurance A guide to understanding the need for auto insurance, mentioning the fact that to go without it is illegal.
  20. Comprehensive Car Insurance – Agreed vs. Market Value An explanation of the difference between agreed value and market value and which one is best for each insurance consumer.
  21. Auto Insurance The speaker in this vlog describes the essential things you need to know about car insurance. Transcription included.
  22. “How Car Insurance Works” A list of things you must understand in order to be able to purchase the best car insurance for yourself.
  23. Factors That Affect Car Insurance Premium There are many things affecting car insurance rates. Miles driven daily, age, locale, driving record and type of car all come into play when auto insurance rates are computed.
  24. Find average car insurance rates for age, sex and location. A list to help you find the average auto insurance rates for yourself.
  25. car insurance book A blogger talks about insurance rates in Florida and how they are higher than average.
  26. Car Insurance Factors A list of car insurance FAQs and a couple of myths debunked. The color red is not a guarantee of a higher rate, and more than one driver to one car is not cheaper than two drivers, two cars.
  27. Nan’s car insurance Tips for finding a good insurance company, and the difference between liability and comprehensive insurance explained.
  28. Factors influencing your car insurance premium An explanation of how car insurance is calculated.
  29. Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Premium A list of factors that will determine your auto insurance cost.
  30. Understanding Automobile Insurance An article designed to help you understand auto insurance policies, rates and types of insurance.
  31. Top Tips For Cheaper, Better Car Insurance If you’re wondering if you have the right insurance and if you’re paying too much, you should review this article.
  32. Cheap Auto Insurance Rates – A Guide How to shop for cheap auto insurance, and what factors insurance companies use to decide your rates.
  33. How To Determine Your Auto Insurance Needs Some advice on how much bodily injury insurance to cover as well as comprehensive and property damage insurance as well.
  34. Motor Insurances Car insurance is needed by anyone capable of owning and driving a car. The main purpose is to protect all people on the road. Knowing that it is a mandatory expense, you need to know the factors that will decide how much you will pay for auto insurance.
  35. Methods To Lower Your Cost For The High Risk Vehicle Insurances. The standard auto insurance buyer may not be aware of the factors that are used to decide how much a consumer will be charged for auto insurance. Here is a list of factors.
  36. Budgeting for a New Car? Don’t Forget About Insurance! People on monthly budgets that can afford a new vehicle must be able to include auto insurance into their monthly budgets too.
  37. Car Insurance Rates after DUI Anyone who is convicted of DUI must be aware of what the conviction will do in regard to making their auto insurance rise. There are still affordable rates to be found, however.
  38. Understanding What Goes in to Car Insurance Price A list of factors including driving history, age and type of coverage desired.
  39. What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance? The average is approximately $1,400 a year, even though it is hard to compute as even region where you live comes into effect. If you live in a densely populated area, odds are you will pay higher amount than a rural area resident would.
  40. Car Insurance and the Factors that Affect its Rate Driving history, type of vehicle, age and gender of the driver are some of the factors that are considered by service providers when computing for the car insurance rate of their policyholder.
  41. 3 Factors That Will Cost You More on your Car Insurance Many people don’t think beyond the legal need of auto insurance when they purchase auto insurance. Here is an explanation of what else can be helped with should there be an accident.
  42. Factors That Determine Your Insurance Rates The writer points out that although the most expensive drivers to insure are in their teens, there are insurance agencies that offer the cheapest insurance possible for this age group.
  43. Factors that determine cost A list of three categories of factors deciding the price of auto insurance.
  44. Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance An informative article that takes the confusion out of the auto insurance shopping that the average auto insurance consumer goes through.
  45. What Factors Affect How Much I Will Pay for Car Insurance? A list of factors affecting auto insurance price, including credit score and anti-theft devices.
  46. Low Cost Car Insurance – The Lesser Known Factors A list of lesser known factors that will get a person a lower insurance rate including functional seat belts, a crime free neighborhood and knowing to tell your insurance agent how often you drive are included.

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