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by OnlineInsurance Staff on August 31, 2010

People buy insurance for some bizarre items. Some people have insured things like their body parts and alien abductions. Some of these stories are funny while others leave you shaking your head. People have started insuring their body parts. Someone like a dancer will insure their legs as this is how they make their income. Other things that have been insured are buckteeth and people’s face. These are interesting tales of insurance. See what they have insured by reading one of these fascinating stories.

  1. Top Ten Crazy Items: Take a look at the top ten things people insure like buckteeth and an actress’s legs.
  2. Insured Items: People have insured things such as faces and legs when they are looking up insurance.
  3. Weird Things People Insure: Check out this list of things people have actually insured. You are sure to get a chuckle when you see what some paid for to be insured.
  4. Lloyds of London: Read here on some of the crazy things they have insured before. They will insure almost anything.
  5. Bizarre Things to Insure: Read this list of the most bizarre list of things people have bought insurance to cover.
  6. MALLIKA to get her body insured: Find out how much this star is going to have her body insured for here. Many celebrities are insuring their most popular/useful parts of their bodies.
  7. John Abraham Wants to Insure His Bottom: Take a look at why this star wants to insure his bottom in this article.
  8. Insuring Body Parts: Actors are insuring their body parts more and more each day. If it contributes to their success, they are getting an insurance policy on it.
  9. Why Not Insure Your Legs?: Many celebrities and dancers are insuring their legs. This helps to take care of them should they get injured.
  10. How Much Are Celebs Insuring Their Bodies For?: See what celebrities are insuring their body parts for. See what parts they are insuring and how much they think they are worth.
  11. Adam Lambert’s Crotch?: Check out how much Adam Lambert has insured his crotch for here.
  12. It’s All in the Parts: Celebrities of every shape, form and status are insuring their body parts. Those who think their careers will end if something happens are buying policies on certain parts.
  13. Insuring the Absurd: Learn about some of the absurd things that people will insure. Specialty policies are available but are they really worth the price.
  14. 14 Bizarre Insurance Policies: Take a look at these policies that you won’t believe are even true. People have insured some odd things like alien abductions and someone else’s teeth.
  15. Alien Abduction Insurance: Yes, this is true. You can buy a policy covering you in the event of an alien abduction.
  16. Weird Insurance Policies: Check out some of these weird policies. One blogger shares the policies he has found people actually bought.
  17. Specialty Agency: Stop by here to see some of the odd things this insurance agency covers. You will find plans for circus’s, alligators and other exotic animals.
  18. Funny Things That Have Been Insured: Discover things like chest hair, voices and more that have been insured by celebrities.
  19. Weird Things: Read here what one blogger has found that people have insured over the past years.
  20. 10 Vainest Celebrities: Learn who the top ten celebrities are and what assets they think are worth millions.
  21. Strange Insurance Products: Find out what some of the strangest insurance products are out there today.
  22. Ten More Weird Policies: Learn about actual policies bought by celebrities plus things like third party fire and alien abduction.
  23. Really Strange Insurance News: See some of the strange news reports that have come out like the three sisters who insured their virginity.
  24. Six Claims: Read about the six oddest auto and home claims filed in recent years. You may be shocked to see what some people file.
  25. You Will Not Believe Your Ears: One blogger shares the ten strangest body parts that people have bought insurance for.
  26. Weird World of Insurance: One may think insurance is pretty cut and dry. This blogger shows that is not the case with these weird cases.
  27. Celebrities and Their Body Parts: Find out how much Mariah Carey has her legs insured for and what Jennifer Lopez insuring.
  28. Breeders Insuring Their Puppies and Kittens: When a breeder sales a puppy or kitten, some of them are coming with their own insurance policy now. Read about that here as this blogger shares the information on what you can expect.
  29. Weird Policies: From pet insurance to body part insurance, the world of insurance polices is quickly changing and adapting.
  30. 10 Most Unusual Pet Claims: Take a moment to read through these interesting claims. People are buying pet insurance for their favorite animals and these are some of the claims they see.
  31. Unusual Policies: People are starting to cover things that are outside the norm of what insurance covers, so the agencies are starting to accommodate even the strangest request.
  32. Top 10 Odd iPhone Claims: iPhones have become very popular and insurance is a must for these phones. Look here to find some interesting insurance claims that have been filed on these phones.
  33. Funny Insurance Claims: Take a look at these great insurance claims for homes and autos. You will be sure to get a smile when you read some of these actual claims filed.
  34. Funny Insurance Claims: Take a look at these actual claims and photos of accidents that have filed.
  35. Funny Auto Claim Excuses: Here these actual excuses people have given their insurance companies when filing a claim.
  36. 10 Strangest Body Parts Covered: One blogger shares with you the 10 strangest body parts people have paid to have insurance coverage for like their mustache.
  37. Insuring Your Golf Game: Learn about this new trend in insurance and what the policy covers in your next golf game.
  38. Celebrities and Their Parts: Read about some interesting body parts that some celebrities are choosing to insure.
  39. Famous People Insuring Body Parts: Famous people have started insuring their body parts due to possibilities of something happening. They feel that if they lose that part of their body they will lose their career.
  40. Top Ten Insured Parts: See the top ten insured parts like smiles, legs and teeth. Find out who has their body parts insured and for how much.
  41. Is a Butt Really Worth that Much?: John Abraham thinks so. Find out how much insurance he wants to get for his rear end parts.
  42. What are Body Parts Worth?: Find out what some celebrities think of their assets. See how much some have spent on insuring some parts of their bodies.
  43. Insurance on a Thumb: Find out which race car driver has had his thumbs insured for a heft amount of money. They symbolize his victory symbol so he wants to protect them.
  44. Funny Insurance Claims: Here are some claims that are sure to make you chuckle; or at least have you shaking your head. Take a look at these actual claims that people filed with their insurance company.
  45. Funny Stories: One blogger shares some amazing excuses people have used on their claims for an auto accident.
  46. Funny Claims: These are actual explanations written on claim forms to explain how an accident occurred.
  47. Crazy Claims: One blogger found these actual claims when they were learning to drive. See what some people actually put on their claim forms.

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