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by OnlineInsurance Staff on September 5, 2010

In most states it is now mandatory to have a small amount of car insurance. How you drive affects what your car insurance will cost. If you have a bad record or even a few blemishes, that could affect what your insurance quotes could come back as. Learning how the record affects your quotes is important so you can keep it as clean as possible. It is possible to get insurance even with a bad driving record. Read these articles to find out what you should expect when getting quotes.

  1. How Your Driving Record Affects Insurance: Learn here why your agent may ask about tickets or other driving infractions. See how this affects your insurance.
  2. When do Insurance Companies Check Records?: Find out when your driving record may be checked when you are looking into car insurance.
  3. Bad Records: Learn what types of records can make your insurance go up or even prevent you from getting coverage.
  4. Bad Driving Record Policies: The cost for a policy can be much higher with some companies if you have bad marks on your driving record.
  5. Car Insurance Premiums: Discover what these are and how they are affected if you have a bad driving record. Learn what tickets and something like a DUI can do to your insurance cost.
  6. Driving Record Affects Quotes: Learn here what your driving record can do to you insurance quotes. See how it affects what your insurance will cost.
  7. What Affects Your Driving Record?: You do. Find out how your driving record is impacted by certain violations and what that could do to your insurance.
  8. Points and Your Insurance Company: See here how the points against your license can affect your car insurance. Learn how they will drop off over time but also see what they will cost you.
  9. How a DUI Affects You: People do get pulled over and have DUI offenses everyday. Learn what this offense can do to your insurance cost and how it affects you ability to get car insurance.
  10. How Does it Affect Me?: Learn what your driving record actually does to your car insurance rates.
  11. Can My Record Affect Insurance?: In a short answer, yes. There are also many other factors that are taken into consideration when getting a quote for your auto insurance.
  12. The Influence Your Driving Record has: Discover just what the true impact of your driving record can be by reading here. See what it can do if you are trying to qualify for discounts as well as the impact on your premiums.
  13. Driving Records and Rates: See just what a bad record can do to your insurance premiums and quotes. Find out what is considered reckless driving and if it is really worth it.
  14. FAQ and Points: One attorney answers your questions on how your driving record affects other areas like your insurance. Also take a look at the points system and see how many points that few miles over the speed limit can cost you.
  15. Factors that Affect Rates: There are a lot of factors when looking at what insurance will cost you. Not all of the affects are negative. Things like your age and being married can actually drop your rates.
  16. Points and Privileges: See how your driving record can also affect your driving privileges. You can get to the point where they take your license away.
  17. Insurance Rates: Look here to find out what your driving record can do to your insurance rates. You may not like what you see.
  18. How Points Affect You: Find out how those driving points on your record can affect other areas of your life. From insurance rates and quotes to your driving privileges, they can have a major impact.
  19. Get a Copy: Be sure to get a copy of your record to know what is actually in it. Make sure there are no errors or things that should not be on your driving record.
  20. DUI Affects: Find out here how a DUI can affect your insurance quotes and rates.
  21. When do Companies Check: Learn here how points can affect your insurance rates and when the companies actually check your driving record.
  22. 10 Insurance Myths: Here are some common myths debunked about car insurance.
  23. DUI Affects: Discover what the affects of a DUI can be on your insurance premiums. Also find out if there is a possibility you can lose your insurance coverage.
  24. How Does a Good Driving Record Impact Quotes: When you have a good driving record, you can end up with a cheaper policy and more discounts.
  25. 25 Factors That Affect Your Insurance: One blogger shares with you the factors that can affect your car insurance rates.
  26. Tips for a bad Driving Record: If you have a less than perfect driving record, use this site to get tips on getting the best insurance policy.
  27. Factors that Affect Your Premium and How to Lower It: Discover exactly what factors go into getting your insurance premium quote and how you can lower your cost.
  28. FAQ Auto Insurance: Get the answers to the most FAQ about car insurance. Find out what affects your rates and what you can do to get them lowered.
  29. Insurance for Bad Driving Records: Learn here how to get the best rates even if your driving records are not the greatest.
  30. California DUI: Learn how a DUI affects your insurance rates when you are in California.
  31. How to Get Around Your Spouse’s Bad Record: When your spouse is the one with the bad driving record, you can still get good insurance rates. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you are not paying too much for insurance.
  32. Insurance for Bad Drivers: Learn how you can get quality and affordable insurance even when your record is not great.
  33. Getting Cheap Car Insurance: You can still get cheap car insurance when you have points on your driving record. Learn a few tips here on how to find those insurance policies.
  34. Bad Driving Record: Take a look at how your bad driving record could affect your car insurance rates.
  35. How to Buy Insurance?: Deb shares tips on how you can buy car insurance and what you need to know before choosing a company.
  36. Credit Affects Your Insurance: Find out how your credit also affects the insurance rates you get as well as your driving record.
  37. Not Just Auto Insurance: Driving records not only affect your car insurance but other types of insurance as well.
  38. Can it be Canceled: Learn if your insurance policies can be canceled because of your driving record. You can not drive without insurance so be aware of things that can happen.
  39. Marriage Affects Car Rates: Your marriage can affect how much you pay for car insurance. There are several factors that go into calculating your premium.
  40. Speeding Tickets: Find out if a speeding ticket can affect your car insurance rates. It will mess up your driving record and could cause your rates to go up.
  41. Will a DUI Affect My Rates: Learn what you have to do as far as reporting a DUI and if that will affect your rates with your insurance company.
  42. Record of Others: Find out if another member of your family’s driving records will affect your premiums.
  43. Other Family Members: See how other people’s driving records can affect your insurance costs and quotes.
  44. Bad Driving Affects Work: If you have to drive for your job, you may not be able to be covered if you have a bad driving record. This could cause you to lose your job.
  45. Save on Insurance: Even drivers with imperfect driving records can get great insurance for less money.
  46. Insurance for Bad Drivers: Find out what type of insurance you can get even with your spotted driving record.
  47. DUI Information: See what to expect from your insurance company when you receive a DUI violation.
  48. Driving Record Fees: Some states charge for checking your driving record. Learn how this affects your insurance rates too.
  49. How is My Record Used: Discover how the insurance companies use your driving record to determine your rates.
  50. Improve Your Record: Get tips here on how to improve your driving record and get a better rate on your insurance premium.

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