Is Pet Insurance A Good Idea?

by OnlineInsurance Staff on August 20, 2010

Searching online insurance quotes for a policy that covers your pet may not be the first priority on your list, but when you consider the cost of veterinary services, emergency surgeries, and long-term care for pets, it starts to make sense. Pets are family members, and illness or injury triggers stress for animal owners just as it would if a family member were hurt or suddenly became ill. Comparing online insurance quotes for pets is not only wise; it could save your best friend’s life.

We all know how hard it can be to make important decisions under distress. Many times a dog or cat will suffer a serious injury, be hit by a car, or wounded by another animal, and the family is pressed to make immediate decisions that hit hard in the pocketbook. Should you let the vet operate and pay for extensive recovery care, or let your family friend be put to sleep?

These are choices that no one wants to face. Dipping into your savings or worse, your retirement account, can cause negative long-term financial consequences; however, when faced with an emotional decision that holds the life of a family member in balance, many people do make that choice.

It can be heartbreaking – especially for children – when families don’t have the financial reserves to deal with tragic pet accidents and illnesses. The knowledge that something could have been done to save your pet’s life can be excruciating when you aren’t able to cover the expense.

Insuring your pet with a good medical policy is a good idea for most families. Online insurance quotes for cats and dogs are easy to find and compare. Other pets fall under a different type of policy, known as exotic pet insurance. This covers gerbils and other rodents, birds, lizards, even fish. Depending on your emotional attachment and financial investment in your pets, insurance that protects you emotionally and financially can be a good bet.

Depending on the type of animal (cat or dog) and the breed, online insurance quotes will vary. Certain breeds are known to be vulnerable to specific illnesses, and there may be an exclusion for those conditions in your policy. Read the fine print carefully, and always compare several different quotes before making your decision.

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