Top Ten Weird Insurance Policies

by OnlineInsurance Staff on September 21, 2010

Do your eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the word insurance? Shopping online insurance quotes for home, life, and auto can be mind-numbing and tedious, but take a look at these bizarre insurance policies for a laugh. They may have you thinking differently about the tediousness of insurance.

  1. A $100,000 love insurance policy was issued to a photographer who bought the plan in case his model got married. She did. Unfortunately, it was after the policy had already expired.
  2. A happiness policy was purchased by a model to pay out in the event she developed worry lines.
  3. A $22,400 policy to protect against death by falling Sputnik. The premiums were reportedly $74.
  4. Immaculate Conception Insurance, which has apparently sold over 4500 policies. These plans pay out in the event that, well, you know who impregnates the insured.
  5. Alien Abduction Insurance is available through the Saint Lawrence Agency. You just have to have a sense of humor about this one. They actually offer online insurance quotes and online application.
  6. A Paternity Suit Policy was reportedly purchased by David Lee Roth from Lloyds of London to protect him against paternity lawsuits. You can call it rock star coverage but we like to think of it as groupie rates.
  7. World Cup Insurance – Berkshire Hathaway reportedly sold a $30 million policy that would pay out if France won the World Cup. On the face of it, you might think it’s just a high-stakes gambler hedging his bets, but we think it was probably linked to a promotional deal offered by a local merchant. Many retailers offer deep discounts on major purchases if a local sports team does well in a highly publicized event. It’s mostly a publicity stunt, but it could cost the business owner dearly if the team succeeds.
  8. We’ve all heard of celebrities getting their body parts insured. Probably the most hyped body part insurance policy of all time was issued for Jennifer Lopez, who insured her legendary buttocks against future monetary losses.
  9. Judge insurance is also available. That’s right, say you’re involved in a highly expensive court case and you don’t want to start at the beginning if your judge should take a tumble. No problem, just buy a judge insurance policy to cover your losses in the event the judge should meet with an untimely death. We haven’t seen online insurance quotes for this one yet, but it could happen.
  10. Kidnapping coverage is very popular with many wealthy families, who don’t want to see their savings drained when some thug kidnaps one of their own. These types of policies are also heavily utilized by employees and mercenaries that operate overseas in war-torn areas.

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